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Where do people get inspiration…. Every single person that enters the doors of our studio has this question in mind. Abusev Family Tattoo studio consists of two people travelling around the Tattoo world searching for ideal balance between visual concept and transformation.


The interpretation of Biografika lays in the foundation of every human being on our planet. Biografika is a name, it’s what we call our vision of the world, and by chance this name happened to be taken for tattoos that we create.

Chance….Chance in the matter of fact decides for everything on Earth. Just like that every Tattoo – was, still is and always will be the matter of chance. Isn’t the fact that you are reading these words right now - isn't it a matter of chance? The same way – by chance, a human is getting a Tattoo that will change his life. Tattoo on his body will live, it will change his mind, his appearance, self-esteem. Around him everything will change too.

That is what we call Biografika – a Tattoo that will bring a very important chapter into a story of your existence.