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Now that you have already tried out 112 Magnum needle configuration on stainless steel gripper you are welcome to replenish your stocks and be ready for your next session! And if you haven't yet tried our needles- then chose your Stainless Steel or Disposable 112 Magnum Kit.

112 Magnum needle configuration is the largest and only original tattoo MEGA - magnum in the world. It is well know for it's anti traumatic coverage qualities and smooth healing of the results. All needles are fully handcrafted and quality controlled by AbuSev Tattoo team within our workshop.  

112 Magnum is a revolutionary must have for professional solid ink filling!


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112 Magnum (Straight Magnum) tattoo needles will be suitable for large solid ink on well stretched surfaces, that including both arms and legs. This shape of solder is in every day use by us for blackwork on arms, that including forearms. Together with our 112 Magnum we normally use our  49 Magnum configuration or smaller needles for detailed finish and on relief parts like elbows. 

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112 Round Magnum (Curved Magnum) tattoo needles will be suitable for large solid ink on softer surfaces, for large shading and color blending (skin is still in need of stretching to avoid excess amortization). For example 112 Round Magnum would be suitable for solid ink on thighs . 



All needles come individually packed into combined sterilization bags and sterilized by EO gas. Every needle includes a rubber band and grommet of the right tension.

If you are an experienced tattooer, with this set up and some practice you will be able to black out a full arm within one session, which pays off a full kit in one- two sessions. No need to ink it over and over when you can use 112 Magnum for fast superb result in one go.

Buy only the original 112 Magnum by AbuSev Tattoo for best anti traumatic result on large surfaces!

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