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VOSMERKA has no analogues in the whole world! 

Hurry, be the first to try it and make a good tattoo with unique inking technique! Blow up your social networks with new tattoo content, made with this solder! 

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Now, a little bit of technical information about VOSMERKA. 

If compared to standard  49 magnum, VOSMERKA makes 70% less trauma, due to the minimal resistance at the moment of contact with skin (puncture). The process of inking is 62% faster, then with regular  49 magnum. 

For full comparison of different tattoo needles, we advise you to watch this video.


Ruslan AbuSev  - tattoo artist and equipment engineer, has created this needle, when he was looking for a fast solution for large whip-shading coverage on skin.

In the process of testing and experimenting, he has found that VOSMERKA is perfect for solid ink cover up with no excess traumatization. Even if it is a cover up of a solid color realism!


preorder white1.png
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