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49 Magnum needle configuration is recommended together with our 112 Magnum -  for smaller, delicate spots and on it's own for smaller pieces.


Our specific configuration of 49 Magnum and Round Magnum helps you produce anti traumatic coverage and smooth healing results.  They can be used on most rotary machines, to produce successful solid ink and shading. However we always advise to use our Krucio Universal for the best results!

All needles are fully handcrafted and quality controlled by Abusev Tattoo team within our workshop. 

  • Specially engineered configuration gives best capillary effect and grabs a large amount of ink which is a must for successful solid ink.

  • The hooks on top of the solder give extra stabilization to the needle, no more ink spitting at correct set up.

  • 0.40mm needle tip provides a high level of ink saturation within a point of puncture.

  • Easy puncture no matter the size of the needle.

  • Can be equipped with regular Stainless Steel or Disposable gripper at purchase, or your's if you have already got one of your own.

  • All needles come individually packed into combined sterilization bags and sterilized by EO gas. Every needle includes a rubber band and grommet of the right tension.


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