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 753 000 ֏              shipping included

The stroke is 4.2mm - which is the most universal stroke among all types of tattooing. Needle position is regulated by you. 

The weight of the machine is 140 grams - which gives a good balancing with both large 112 MAGNUM grippers and standard 24mm grippers.

3.5 wire connector is placed on both sides of KRUCIO UNIVERSAL. That makes work comfortable both for left-handed and right-handed artists.


CLASSIC NEEDLES ON BAR - 3.5v - 7.5v maximum!

CARTRIDGES - 4v* - 8.5v maximum!

*starting voltage may vary depending on your cartridge system

KRUCIO UNIVERSAL kit requires your personal power supply, grippers and needles

Body art Tattoo Machine for personal use
includes Parts for Body Art Tattoo Machine «KRUCIO UNIVERSAL»

Prices may differ if you are located outside RA

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Press the above button to send us your email request for invoice. Purchase is available through direct bank transfer only.

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