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Body art Tattoo Machine for personal use

  • Parts for Body Art Tattoo Machine «KRUCIO UNIVERSAL»

(KRUCIO UNIVERSAL kit requires your personal power supply, grippers and needles)


Krucio UNIVERSAL 2.0

1 802,00€Price

  • KRUCIO UNIVERSAL IS THE STYLE , it is a tattoo machine made by Ruslan AbuSev tattoo artist for tattoo artists. 


    KRUCIO UNIVERSAL - is in it self a computer and a tattoo machine of new generation. It adapts to the speed and power of pressure of your hands during tattooing. Behavior of the machine is controlled by a mini-computer - «BRAIN BOX» control system developed by AbuSev Tattoo. In real time it restores the hitting power when engine is loaded in process of pressure on skin. 


    KRUCIO is the UNIVERSAL machine by all means:


    • KRUCIO UNIVERSAL was engineered specifically for 112 MAGNUM by «AbuSev Tattoo» for 100% effective solid ink with all pigments. It’s purpose is to work with large filling and lining groups of needles. It is perfectly suitable for our author’s 112 MAGNUM, 49 Magnum and 18 Round Liner. At the same time it is just as perfectly delicate with smallest 1 Round Liner needles. That can be controlled by the voltage and the movements of artists hands.
    • It is suitable for all existing classic needles and cartridges. There is no needle that can not be pushed by KRUCIO UNIVERSAL.
    • It can make SOLID INK (black and color) , LINES , DOTS , WHIP SHADING and BLACK&GREY.


    The armature part has a new type of amplitude hit. Together with the pressure mechanism, construction imitates a puncture of TEBORY technique. Therefore the vacuum effect of skin grabbing the ink has become more saturated. The armature for KRUCIO UNIVERSAL is a unique development from «AbuSev Tattoo». It is not connected to the engine by rigid coupling and only has one mechanic transmission node. In work that gives that preferred by many artists sharp confident hit. The return of the armature to the initial position is conditioned by the «MAGNETIC REFLECTOR» - which is also an authoring development by «AbuSev Tattoo». It gives the effect of the smooth running on high speed and minimizes vibration in work.


    All bearings in KRUCIO UNIVERSAL have a long service life. DO NOT NEED to give them extra lube! Just turn it on and begin tattooing. KRUCIO UNIVERSAL is not afraid of water and surface treatment with unaggressive antiseptics. 


    ATTENTION ! Working Voltage range - 3.5V -8.5V . It is FORBIDDEN to raise the Voltage above 8.5V for cartridges and above 8.0V for needles on bar. We recommend to use KRUCIO UNIVERSAL with 3 Amper power supplies (or higher) with a numbered display for accurate Voltage settings.


    3.5 wire connector is placed on both sides of KRUCIO UNIVERSAL. That makes work comfortable both for left-handed and right-handed artists. Additional connector can be your spare back up if ever needed or used for a different grip in process of tattooing.


    The stroke is 4.2mm - which is the most universal stroke among all types of tattooing. Needle position is regulated by you.


    The weight of the machine is 140 grams - which gives a good balancing with both large 112 MAGNUM grippers and standard 24mm grippers.


    Loading and unloading of the needles happens easily due to the gap on top of the lock. The lock holds steel and plastic tubes firmly.


    KRUCIO UNIVERSAL is a reliable instrument in the hands of a true artist. The controlled power of engine has no competition among other straight-running rotaries. Krucio Universal does not heat up, it is quiet and gives minimum of vibration during work.


    KRUCIO UNIVERSAL by Ruslan AbuSev is a machine for professionals and those who are yet to become professional tattoo artists. It is also suitable for permanent makeup artists. It is intuitively simple in use for all levels of tattooing experience. 



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